10 NHL Stars With Beautiful WAGS (And 8 With Beautiful Sisters) (2022)

Being an NHL athlete is probably the toughest thing to accomplish. When considering that you have to skate as fast as they possibly can while also avoiding getting cleaned out in a sport that is the most physical of all the major ones in the US, that’s atall order. Even further than that it’s a completely global game in the same way that the NBA tries to be. That means that to even make it into the NHL there is a wider talent base than perhaps any of the other sports in North America, with limited spots on every roster.

Still, while they’re getting their teeth knocked in we can't blame them for still wanting to have relationships off the ice. Despite busy schedules and playing such a tough sport these athletes have managed to date and marry some stunning women in their time in the NHL. From celebrities, to singers, to models we are talking about the most stunning women that they have dated. We also are going to look at which ones have good genes in their families as we examine some of their higher achieving sisters. Some have followed their footsteps in hockey while others have chosen much more common career paths compared to their pro athlete siblings.

Here is our list of the eight most attractive NHL hockey sisters and the top most attractive NHL WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends).

18 WAGS: Melanie Collins

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James Neal is the man in Las Vegas. He started the season strong and the team has rode that momentum, with stars like William Karlsson breaking out by his side. Today we will not talk about his contributions though. Instead we will talk about his girlfriend, the stunning sportscaster named Melanie Collins.

Collins is a sports reporter and entertainment host who has been at multiple networks and covered a wide array of events. She has worked at Yahoo Sports, The Insider, E! News, The big Ten Network, NBA-TV to name a few. That is a very accomplished career considering that she graduated college only ten years ago. She currently is the host of the Big Break on the Golf channel continuing her climb through the journalism circles.

17 Sisters: Barbara Tavares

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John Tavares was known to be a future hockey star in the making when he was young. In 2008 and 2009 Tavares won the Under-20 World Team championships. This high profile achievement led to him being picked 1st overall in the 2009 draft by the New York Islanders. Tavares has lived up to the billing with 54 points in his first year and getting over 70 points three times in his career.

Barbara Tavares is his younger sister and has become successful in her own right. She has been a seamstress since she was younger even working atlarge companies for a few years. She currently has a good job as the brand ambassador with 7 Communications. These two started their careers young and have continued to build on their individual success.

16 WAGS: Taylor Winnik

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Daniel Winnik was someone who was truly self-made on his journey to the NHL. He was picked with the 265th pick in the 2004 draft by the Phoenix Coyotes and clearly surpassed those expectations just by being on this list. Winnik has bounced around the league playing on ten different NHL teams but he has been a solid player in his chances.He has gotten over 25 points five times from his left wing position.

Winnik is also married to Taylor Winnik. Taylor has only been covered positively in the news explaining the struggles of uprooting their family and being traded from team to team.She has been described as a warm and truly caring individual. Both of them seem to keep trying no matter the struggles and that is why they seemingly work so well as a couple.

15 Sisters: Kayla Price

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Carey Price was drafted by the Montreal Canadians 5th overall in the 2005 draft. Price dominated the AHL for a couple of years before getting the call up with the Canadians in 2007. Starting in goal from day one Carey was a good goaltender. He became great in 2014 when he became the first ever goaltender to win four individual awards netting the Vezina trophy, Ted Lindsay Award, William M. Jennings award and the Hart Memorial Trophy.

His sister Kayla has already gotten a degree from Simon Fraser University and is now attempting to get a joint major. Along with that she has her own blog called “Sincerely Kayla Price”. She also currently dates Nashville defenseman Yannick Weber and the two seem to be happy with each other. The Price family is clearly one that never settles with what they have, always looking to achieve more.

14 WAGS: Katrina Marchand

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Brad Marchand was picked 71st overall by the Bruins in the 2006 draft. He was a stellar pick for the team and has been their rock n recent years. Marchand was truly performing well ever since he got his chance in 2010 showing up with 41 points. He has continued to only get better since then including his 85 point outburst last season. Brad has also performed well in international play, winning gold in the IHF World championships for Russia last year.

Brad is happily married to Katrina Marchand. The two have been married since 2015 but Katrina has kept out of the public spotlight for the most part. She doesn’t even have a lot of Instagram followers which is surprising given how stunning she is. Still the Marchand family appears happy in all their pictures together which is something everyone can get behind.

13 Sisters: Candace Seguin

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Tyler Seguin was the 2nd overall pick in the draft of the Boston Bruins in 2010. While he didn’t play long for the Bruins, he was traded in 2013 to the Dallas Stars, Seguin has made his place in the NHL and shown that he was worth the pick. Seguin has gotten to 70 points in each of the last four seasons being rewarded with All Star game appearances each time.

His sister Candace was a hockey player in her own right in her junior years. Clearly hockey was in the blood of the Seguin family but Candace stopped playing the game as she kept getting older. Not much about her social life is available but she does have a strong presence on social media.

12 WAGS: Lucia Slaninkova

10 NHL Stars With Beautiful WAGS (And 8 With Beautiful Sisters) (7)

Tomas Tatar was drafted 60th overall by the Detroit Red Wings in 2009. It took Tatar a while to finally get into the NHL full time but once he has gotten to the level Tatar has exceeded his draft spot. Ever since 2013 he has gotten more than 35 points in each complete season while proving his worth in the league. Tatar was rewarded by the Redwings with a new contract last offseason.

He has been dating Lucia Slaninkova who has a career of her own. She represented the Slovak Republic in 2013 in the Miss Earth contest. Since then she hasn’t really been on the scene that much except for dating the left wing. Still that’s probably for the best considering that Tatar is still trying to improve in the NHL.

11 Sisters: Bailey Bennett

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Beau Bennett was selected with the 20th overall pick in the draft by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2012. Bennett was called up into the league early but has never reached the potential of being the 1st round draft pick for the team. He was a part of a championship team for the Penguins. Still Bennett has never had more than 20 points in a season with the Penguins loaded lineup and is now back in the AHL playing with the Chicago Wolves.

His sister Bailey is trying to start a career of her own as well. She has been well accomplished in her younger years as a part of the JHL team which won a championship in her first year in the North American Hockey Academy. Bailey is currently a freshman at Colgate still trying to chase her dream of playing hockey.

10 WAGS: Angela Price

10 NHL Stars With Beautiful WAGS (And 8 With Beautiful Sisters) (9)

Everyone has already talked a lot about Carey Price and his success in the NHL as a goaltender, so let’s talk about his successful and beautiful wife Angela Price. Clearly the Price family has a lot of confidence and Angela has joined and followed the family ways.

Angela is a very famous personality on Instagram, and it’s obvious to see why. She also has her own website called ByAngelaPrice.com. On the site she posts small blogs with normally about twice a week. Angela does a good job of talking about herself and not using Corey in an attempt to gain more popularity. The blog is her outlet and she uses it very well but doesn’t seem to attack or pry.

9 Sisters: Anna Galchenyuk

10 NHL Stars With Beautiful WAGS (And 8 With Beautiful Sisters) (10)

Alex Galchenyuk has representing the US ever since he was young including in the IIHF World U 20 championships. This led to him being drafted 3rd overall by the Montreal Canadians in 2012. Alex has been a solid player on the ice at the professional level. He hasn’t quite lived up to the 3rd overall draft pick billing but did have 58 points in the 2016 season for the Canadians.

Anna has been the person behind his popularity however. She has a degree in marketing and has found ways to make Alex a recognizable face in the NHL. Anna has also worked with other hockey teams managing the Cape Cod Cubs in the UHL. She is also a model and by looking at the picture you can easily tell why.

8 WAGS: Lauren Oshie

10 NHL Stars With Beautiful WAGS (And 8 With Beautiful Sisters) (11)

TJ Oshie was another player selected in the loaded 2005 draft. Oshie was taken with the 24th pick in the draft by the St Louis Blues playing with the team until 2015 when he was moved to the Capitals. Oshie has been a very good pro topping 50 points five times and four straight seasons. The next step for Oshie is trying to get the Blues over the top.

He is married to the beautiful Lauren Oshie. Lauren seems to be the perfect match for TJ and the two recently had a kid last year the couple’s second child in the last four years. Her being by TJ’s side also helps the Capitals pairing have the hottest pair of wives in the NHL.

7 Sisters: Rebecca Neal

10 NHL Stars With Beautiful WAGS (And 8 With Beautiful Sisters) (12)

James Neal was drafted 33rd in the 2005 draft by the Dallas Stars. He has played on the Stars, Penguins, Predators and Golden Knights since he first touched the ice of an NHL game in 2008. James has had a very productive career including have over 30 goals with the Penguins and getting 58 points with the Predators in 2015.

Rebecca was the only one of five kids in the Neal household. She is trying to carve out her own path as she currently is attending the University of Guelph-Humber. Rebecca has also delegated for Miss Canada in 2014 and 2015 as her brother James was making his stake in the NHL. Clearly her education and making a difference is important to her.

6 WAGS: Carrie Underwood

10 NHL Stars With Beautiful WAGS (And 8 With Beautiful Sisters) (13)

Mike Fisher was the 44th overall pick in the 1998 NHL draft by the Ottawa Senators. Fisher has had a very good long career only playing for two teams in the Senators and the Predators in that time span of twenty years. He has had 276 goals and 300 assists during his career as well.

Even though Fisher is still a respected veteran he is actually better known for who he married. That is country star Carrie Underwood. As one of the most popular singers of all time, Underwood came onto the scene after winning American Idol and is the only single country artist to have a song on the billboard top 100 since 2000. Underwood is the reason that people know Fisher and not the other way around. Something that is strange for a NHL player.

5 Sisters: Kim Draisaitl

10 NHL Stars With Beautiful WAGS (And 8 With Beautiful Sisters) (14)

Leon Draisatl is the son of former German hockey player Peter Draisatl, who played in 146 games with the national team. Leon has definitely followed in those footsteps, being picked 3rd overall in the 2014 NHL draft by the Edmonton Oilers. His early career has lived up to the hype as he had 77 points on the team in 2016. The most ever by a German player in the NHL.

Kim has staked out her own career, becoming a production assistant for a German television company called Probono. She got the job right after finishing college which is always a successful route and a tribute to the years she spent in college. Both of his children are making Peter very proud.

4 WAGS: Anastasia Shubskaya

10 NHL Stars With Beautiful WAGS (And 8 With Beautiful Sisters) (15)

If there has been one player who could really compete with the resume of Sydney Crosby as the best player of this generation its Alexander Ovechkin. The first overall pick of the Washington Capitals in 2004 has met all of the expectations that have been placed upon him. He has had the most goals in the NHL six times, won the MVP award three times and been a nine time all-star. The only thing missing from the impressive career of Alexander Ovechkin is a championship.

He also is married to Russian actress and model Anastasia Shunskaya. The two made headlines when they started dating in 2015 but it wasn’t just a publicity stunt as the two seem really in love and have been able to balance their careers with making each other happy.

3 Sisters: Taylor Crosby

10 NHL Stars With Beautiful WAGS (And 8 With Beautiful Sisters) (16)

Sydney Crosby has been one of the most decorated athletes of all time. The first overall pick in 2005 has been one of the rare athletes to live up to his billing before he was drafted and become one of the best hockey players of all time. Crosby has led the league in points and won the MVP twice in 2007 and 2014 along with winning the Stanley Cup trophy three times in his career.

Taylor Crosby s following her brother’s skates as a hockey player. She is currently a goaltender at St Cloud’s University and her career is starting to take off as well. That is a lot of pressure to have with their father also having played in the NHL but Taylor has tried to focus on being the best hockey player she can be.

2 WAGS: Cristine Prosperi

10 NHL Stars With Beautiful WAGS (And 8 With Beautiful Sisters) (17)

Jeff Skinner was taken 7th overall in the 2010 draft by the Carolina Hurricanes. Skinner hasn’t quite reached those high expectations of being a top ten draft pick yet but he has had a solid career. After being named rookie of the year he dipped a little bit in points production. Skinner has come back to looking like a promising player, however, netting 37 goals last season and 63 points. Both of which are career highs for the wing.

However he is one of only a few on this list who has been linked with someone more famous than him. There are reports that he dates actress Cristine Prosperi who has been on shows like Degrassi, Really Me and Open Heart. As Cristine tries to make it to the next jump in acting Skinner will try to do the same in the NHL. Only time will tell if they do it together.

1 WAGS: Noureen DeWulf

10 NHL Stars With Beautiful WAGS (And 8 With Beautiful Sisters) (18)

Ryan Miller was drafted 138th overall back in 1999 by the Buffalo Sabres. The goaltender surprised everyone with his development finally getting the chance to start for the Sabres in 2006. He was extremely successful leading to the magical year of 2010 when he was selected to be in goal for the US in the Olympics, helping the team win silver, and winning the Vezina trophy.

However if you ask Miller 2011 might have been a better year as he married Noureen DeWulf. DeWulf was in a previous marriage for nine years but the actor didn’t want to change her professional name. She has been in the show Anger Management and movies like West Bank Story, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and The Back-up Plan. With the two still happily married one can’t help but feel good for this successful couple.

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