15 NHL Players You Didn't Know Have Extremely Attractive Sisters (2022)

Looking at websites like tumblr and Pinterest, it is easy to see that there are many attractive hockey players. Upon first seeing these players, a question that runs through our minds is if it runs in their genes. Do they have siblings? If so, do they share the same good looks or better? This list proves that there are at least 15 that do.

Some of these sisters of NHL players are well-known, like Olympic gold-medalist Penny Oleksiak and model Anna Galchenyuk. Other sisters live more normal lives and are only seen in the spotlight when they are accompanying their brothers to an event or celebration.

With the number of Stanley Cups that players like Sidney Crosby and Patrick Kane have won in recent years, it almost feels as though we watched their sisters grow up before our eyes, even though we've only seen them a handful to times.

Though we still seem to focus on the players themselves, they would not be who they are without their families. It is nice to see pictures of players going home to spend time with their parents and siblings during the off-season. Seeing where they come from and what they have grown up to be, is what makes the players even more attractive, to some.

This list, ranked in no particular order, is of NHL players who have attractive sisters. Some also play hockey, making the sport a family affair, while others have made a name for themselves in other avenues. Regardless of what they do and who they are, they all deserve recognition.

15 Sidney Crosby - Taylor Crosby

15 NHL Players You Didn't Know Have Extremely Attractive Sisters (1)

Being arguably the greatest hockey player in the world today has eyes on Sidney Crosby at all times. With her own hockey career flourishing, eyes have started to shift to his sister, Taylor, pictured above.

Much like her brother, Taylor honed her hockey skills at Shattuck-St. Mary's prep school, whose alumni include Jonathan Toews and many members of US women's national Olympic hockey team. She is currently a goaltender for St. Cloud University's women's ice hockey team.

Their father, Troy, was a goalie and was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens the same year as Patrick Roy. He gave Taylor her first set of goalie pads when she was 10, after trying to convince her parents to let her play that position for two years.

Though people still look at her a "Sidney's little sister," classmates and teammates at St. Cloud see her for who she is and not just the little sister of an NHL superstar.

14 Gabriel Landeskog - Beatrice Landeskog

15 NHL Players You Didn't Know Have Extremely Attractive Sisters (2)

Something that many do not know is that the woman in the photo above is not only the sister of Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog, but his fraternal twin.

Beatrice Landeskog, better known to her circle of friends as Bea, is living back in the family's home country of Sweden. She works in the television industry as an editor. The 25-year-old is rarely seen in Denver, as she is very busy, but she is a huge supporter of her brother.

While in high school, Beatrice dreamed of being the female Ingmar Bergman, who, in Sweden, is the best movie director. She also studied photography, which you can see on her Vimeo page.

These twins always be sure to call each other every year on their birthday, if they don't make plans to spend it together during hockey season. Gabriel does go home to Sweden every off-season to enjoy time with his sister, as well as his parents and older brother Adam.

13 Carey Price -Kayla Price

15 NHL Players You Didn't Know Have Extremely Attractive Sisters (3)

Carey Price has been the backbone of the Montreal Canadiens for the last ten years. His sister, Kayla, is making a name for herself in her own right.

Gaining a degree in communication from Simon Fraser University, Kayla is now own her way to obtaining a joint major in journalism and business. In addition to this, the 25-year-old has started a blog entitled "Sincerely, Kayla Price." With a growing passion for fitness, food, fashion and beauty, Price creates her own content on a regular basis.

The British Columbia native, who is currently living in Nashville with her boyfriend of four years, Nashville Predators defenceman Yannick Weber and their dogs, is not using her brother's fame to make a name for herself. She is doing it on her own, through her education and the network she has built in her own right.

It will be interesting to see what comes next for this aspiring journalist.

12 Leon Draisaitl - KimDraisaitl

15 NHL Players You Didn't Know Have Extremely Attractive Sisters (4)

This German NHL forward has had an amazing season so far for the Edmonton Oilers. Back home in Germany, Leon Draisaitl's younger sister Kim has blossomed in her own right.

Following university, Kim, 24, is now a production assistant for a German television companyprobono. She completed an internship at the company's office in Cologne while in high school. Kim made such a great impression with the company, they offered her a job after she completed university. They had missed her terribly and couldn't wait for her to come back.

She made an appearance at the World Cup of Hockey in September 2017 to cheer on her brother while he played for Team Germany. On the television company's website, a small profile on Kim can be read. While she started out as an audiovisual agent, she completed training with the production department and is now an assistant that, judging by the photo above, her younger brother is incredibly proud of.

11 James Neal - Rebecca Neal

As a member of the inaugural team of the Vegas Golden Knights, James Neal has had an incredible career in the NHL. Neal is the oldest of five children. His parents Peter and Deborah had four boys, James, Michael, Peter and Nick, and one girl, Rebecca. All four boys played hockey, while Rebecca liked to do her own thing.

The youngest Neal sibling is currently attending University of Guelph-Humber, with a focus on Media and Public Relations. She also volunteered as a delegate for Miss World Canada from October 2014 to June 2015, representing civil rights and social action.

While she is in the last year of university, Rebecca has been an event co-ordinator for Bidgley Shoes and Clothing, a store located in the Toronto area. She is clearly making a name for herself outside of the hockey world that her four older brothers surrounded themselves with. With a strong head on her shoulders and a focus in mind for when she wraps up her education, the is no questioning what the world holds for this girl.

10 Alex Galchenyuk - Anna Galchenyuk

When you search the name "Galchenyuk" on Google, the results will be split between NHLer Alex and sister Anna, pictured above.

With her background in sports marketing, Anna has been tied to her brother's career since he began playing in the NHL. Gaining a BA is Business, Marketing and Management, Anna has made a name for herself, not only with marketing her brother, but also her own modeling career.

She has many years of experience working with hockey teams, including being the general manager for the Cape Cod Cubs hockey team in the UHL in Cape Cod, Mass. She held this job for a year following her graduation from Russian State Universities for the Humanities.

You can keep up with what she's doing through her social media accounts, but also see her modeling photos on NEXT models Canada's website. Her resume is impressive and can be seen in its completion on her LinkedIn profile. She is far more than just a beautiful face.

9 Patrick Kane & His Sisters

15 NHL Players You Didn't Know Have Extremely Attractive Sisters (6)

It is not a hidden fact that Patrick Kane is the only boy in his family. He has three sisters, Erica, Jessica and Jackie. All three of the Kane daughters have blossomed into young women.

With the three Stanley Cup victories that the Chicago Blackhawks have had since 2010, we have seen Patrick's three sisters celebrating with him on the ice each time. Thankfully for Patrick, all three of them get along with his girlfriend Amanda. All five of them are in the photo above after the Hawks won the Stanley Cup in 2015.

All four of the Kane children were born so close in age, they are a very close knit family. Erica is 27, Jessica is 24 and Jackie is 22, with Patrick being the eldest sibling at 29. Though the Hawks may not be in the running for a playoff spot this season, the support that number 88 gets from his family never waivers and he gives them the same support in return.

8 Tyler Seguin - Candace Seguin

Though he has two sisters, Tyler Seguin's sister Candace, pictured above, is the one that has had the most attention from the fans of both the Bruins and now the Stars.

At 21, she played hockey through to the junior ranks and has seemed to have now finished with hockey. She can be seen in many photos that fans have found of Tyler and his siblings on websites such as tumblr, and pinterest.

Growing up in Brampton, Ontario, the Seguin family has hockey in their blood. The parents, Paul and Jackie have both played competitive hockey. Paul played defence for the men's hockey team for the University of Vermont, and Candace found herself there in her late teens as well.

Not much has been said about Candace since her days of playing hockey, but she is definitely not shy in front of a camera, posting on her Instagram account on a regular basis.

7 John Tavares - Barbara Tavares

15 NHL Players You Didn't Know Have Extremely Attractive Sisters (7)

The captain of the New York Islanders, John Tavares has two sisters, Laura, 26, and Barbara, 25, who is pictured above.

Barbara attended Wilfrid Laurier University, graduating in 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Psychology. Unlike her brother, Barbara didn't grow up playing hockey, but instead developed a love for fashion.

Since 2006, she has been a seamstress for Carolyn's Creative Costumes. In the last 11 years, Barbara has made many costumes and the experience helped her gain a sales associate position at Victoria Secret from 2012 to 2014.

For the last two years, Barbara has also had a job as a brand ambassador with 7 Communications. She uses her strengths to her advantage to market brands to the average retail consumer. Her looks don't hold her back in any way.

Being the sister of an NHL superstar is not what has brought Barbara to where she is today. Though many people will search for her because of her big brother John, they will soon find out that she has made her successes in life all on her own.

6 Jamie Oleksiak - Penny Oleksiak

15 NHL Players You Didn't Know Have Extremely Attractive Sisters (8)

Though Jamie Oleksiak has is making waves in the NHL, it is his younger sister Penny who has made quit a splash.

The 17-year-old, pictured above, made history at the 2016 Summer Olympics. She represented Canada in five swimming events, winning medals in four of them. Along with her teammate Taylor Ruck, Penny became one of the first Olympic medalists who were born in the 21st century.

That wasn't the only way Penny made history. She is the youngest Canadian to win a gold medal and is the first woman to be an Olympic champion in swimming since the 1984 in Los Angeles. Winning four medals make her the first Canadian to win that number of medals at a single summer Olympic games. With one gold, one silver and two bronze, Penny is tied with Victor Davis as the most decorated Canadian Olympic swimmer of all-time.

All eyes will be on Penny at the 2020 Summer Olympics and with her young age, she has a long Olympic career ahead of her.

5 Jeff Skinner - Jillian Skinner

15 NHL Players You Didn't Know Have Extremely Attractive Sisters (9)

Carolina Hurricanes forward Jeff Skinner has four sisters and one brother. The Markham, Ontario family has always been known for staying active. Jeff used to be a figure skater before getting into playing hockey. One of his sisters, Jillian (#25), used her hockey skills to help her gain the best education she could.

After completing high school in Mississauga, Jillian made her way to Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania. The university was known for its 24 varsity level sports that compete in NCAA Division I and II. Jillian played on the women's ice hockey team all four years she attended the school while gaining a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. She was elected to be the assistant captain of the hockey team in the 2016-17 season, which was her last at the school.

Following her graduation last year, she moved back to Canada and is currently the development coordinator at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management.

4 Josh Manson - Meagan Manson

15 NHL Players You Didn't Know Have Extremely Attractive Sisters (10)

We've all heard of the "Dad's Trip" that many teams in the NHL put in their schedule. The Anaheim Ducks have changed the game slightly and added a "Sibling's Trip," where the bring their siblings on the road with them for a weekend. This is where we were first introduced to Josh Manson's sister, Meagan.

Success has been hereditary for the Manson siblings. Their father Dave was an NHL defenceman who played for many teams, but spent the majority of his career with the Chicago Blackhawks. Meagan, unlike brothers Josh and Ben, found her love in the game of soccer. She has played four years for the University of Saskatchewan Huskies. She is planning on playing for the alumni team once she finishes the school year and is training her younger sister Emma, who is set to start with the Huskies soccer team this summer.

Meagan has gained her love of staying busy from her parents and continues to pursue her dreams with every move she makes.

3 Darnell Nurse - Kia Nurse

15 NHL Players You Didn't Know Have Extremely Attractive Sisters (11)

Another family that is very sporty is the Nurse family. Darnell is a defencemen for the Edmonton Oilers, and his sister has played on the international level for a different sport. Kia finished seventh for Canada playing on the women's basketball team at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Kia currently attends the University of Connecticut, where she plays for their women's basketball team, the UConn Huskies, as a point guard . She has two NCAA championships to her name. Much like her older siblings, Darnell and older sister Tamika, Kia began playing the sport that she loved at a young age. In fact, by the time she was 7 years old, she was enrolled in a competitive league.

In her fourth year of university, Kia has all eyes on her when she walks away from the Huskies for the final time. She has the world at her fingertips and with the fighting spirit that we have seen from her brother and her father, Richard, who used to play in the CFL, she's bound to have all eyes on her.

2 Beau Bennett - Bailey Bennett

15 NHL Players You Didn't Know Have Extremely Attractive Sisters (12)

Beau Bennett may be in his sixth season in the NHL, but his little sister Bailey, on the right in picture above, is just beginning her collegiate hockey career. She is currently a freshman at Colgate University.

Bailey began playing hockey at a young age and has a junior women's hockey league championship in her repertoire already. She won the JWHL Championship in her first season playing for the North American Hockey Academy in 2014. She was 14 years old.

The stats that Bailey has racked up over her competitive hockey career so far landed her invitations to the USA National Hockey U16 Camp not once, but twice. With her just beginning her collegiate hockey experience, there's no telling how high she can climb. She has not decided a major yet at Colgate, so the world is her oyster. Whatever she chooses, if she goes into with the same gusto that she has done with hockey, she will shine.

1 Auston Matthews - Breyana Matthews

15 NHL Players You Didn't Know Have Extremely Attractive Sisters (13)

Auston Matthews may be the player to watch this season, helping his team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, to the playoffs once again this year. However, when it comes to golf, his little sister Breyana has all eyes on her.

Breyana, pictured above in pink, is making headlines in the Junior Golf Association of Arizona (JGAA.) Breyana began playing competitive golf for the association when she was 13, participating in three tournaments that year and finishing in the top four in each one.

Since then, she has been participating in 10 tournaments for the Girls Championship each year. Her second year playing in the JGAA, she never only missed the top 10 in one of the 10 tournaments all year.

Last year, at the AM&E Classic at the Moon Valley Country Club in Phoenix March 25 and 26, one of the Jr. Masters tournaments, Breyana finished first. She won by nine strokes and was the only player in the Girls Championship who stayed under par throughout the tournament.

The 2018 season has only had four tournaments so far, and it will be interesting to see where Breyana finishes.

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