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Buffalo Bills Football Fans

Buffalo Bills Fans 2017 | Celebrity Fans, Crazy Fans, Social Media Fans (1)

Buffalo Bills Fans

TheBuffalo Billsteam based in the Niagara Falls metropolitan area is a professional American Football team.. The Bills compete in NFL as a member club of AFCEastdivision. The team has so far clinched two Super Bowl tittles and four AFC Championships. Since 1960, the Bills with 10 AFC East Division winning and 17 Play off appearances have also won many hearts around the USA. From politicians to media personality, Actors toathletes and to common people have been die hard Buffalo Bills Fans with passages of time. The fans always keep their effort to promote , cheer up and to support the Bills at different stages. The followings are some instances and ways the die hard Buffalo Bills Celebrity Fans,Buffalo Bills Crazy Fans,Buffalo Jills Fans, the ordinaryBuffalo Bills Fans celebrate the the team, Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills Social Media Fans

Fans are seen to assemble near the stadium four hours before the game starts and to showcase their love towards the Bills by wearing team Jersy, holding play cards for the team. Besides their crazy activities, loud slogans are also common at the stadium. These are the fans’s celebration of the bills in festive mode during the seasons. But the Buffalo Bills Football Fans keep on showing their solidarity, incessant supports towards the team and its players all year on social media.

The team has its official social media outlet on Facebook, Twitter,Google Plus and you Tube where all sorts of Buffalo Bills information are available for fans. There are millions of active followerskeeping themselves up to date with the Buffalo Bills. The Bills currently have379,902 followers on Google plus,860,677 on Facebook and738,000 followers on twitter. These Buffalo Bills Social Media Fans take part in discussion on the Bills and make comments on Buffalo bills posts and share bills photos and videos. Even Buffalo Bills Celebrity Fans make status, tweets about bills game and share their opinion on Buffalo Bills game.

On twitter, Facebook and Google plus, you can have previous updates at Buffalo Jills Fans pages. The pages too hit million of followers on these social media. Bills Crazy Fans can watch buffalo Jills’ exclusive videos.

Buffalo Bills Celebrity Fans

Like all other Buffalo Bills Football Fans , the team has many celebrity following them and support the mighty bills. Most of them are the local media heroes, political figures, Olympic athletes, actors etc. They too feel the same excitement as theBuffalo Bills Crazy Fans have. So Lets see who are the top 5Buffalo Bills Celebrity Fans among them.

Top FiveBuffalo Bills Celebrity Fans

1. Summer Sanders

Summer Sanders is an Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer. She retired from the sport in 1992. Summer Sanders now works as a , reporter, television show host, sports commentatorand actress. She won two gold medals in the 200m buttterfly and the 400-meter medley relay in the 1992 Olympic Games. The swimmer also got a silver and bronze medal. She is a famous Buffalo Bills’ because of her husband Erik Schlopy who is a World Cup skier. They both are the die hardBuffalo Bills Football Fans. Her loud shout for Buffalo Bills got a reflecton on her twitter account.

STOP IT @buffalobills
Don't let this GO! #billsmafia #BUFvsOAK

— Summer Sanders (@SummerSanders_) December 4, 2016

2. Christopher McDonald

He is an American film and TV actor. He is most known for his roles as Darryl Dickinson inThelma & Louise(1991), Shooter McGavin inHappy Gilmore(1996). The man has been a the Buffalo Bills Fans for long time due to his close friendship with a former Buffalo Bills Player, Jim Kelly. He is frequently seen shouting out for the team.He mentioned his love for the Buffalo Bills and his friendship with Kelly during his visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2015.

3. Chad Michael Murray

Born in Buffalo, New York, Chad Michael Murrayis a former fashion model, actor, spokesperson, and a writer. He is one the crazyBuffalo Bills Celebrity Fans. he is seen driving towards the stadium to watch Buffalo bills Game with hie wife who is also one ofBuffalo Jills Fans.

4. Logan Couture

Logan Couture is a Canadian ice hockey player and alternate captain of San Jose Sharks. Couture has seen vocal about being a Buffalo Bills Football Fans on social media. On twitter, he once twitted that he was going to enjoy Buffalo Bills Game against Raiders. he also showed interest in Buffalo Bills tailgates.

Going to the @buffalobills game tomorrow in Oakland. Any #billsmafia tailgates planned? Let me know

— Logan Couture (@Logancouture) December 3, 2016

5. Wolf Blitzer on CNN

Wolf Blitzer is a popular media personality who is most known for his work with CNN. He hosts Wolf and The Situation Room on CNN. Blitzer is one the most famous Buffalo Bills Celebrity Fans. He is a long-time Bills Fan and a native of the Buffalo area. He showed Buffalo Bills Jersy to his friend and colleague at CNN after the Bills made a victory over the England Patriots in 2016.

After my @buffalobills win over @Patriots I wanted to share something special w/ my friend @JohnKingCNN https://t.co/xowZABBk9c

— Wolf Blitzer (@wolfblitzer) October 5, 2016

Among the Buffalo Bills fans tailgating commandments include:

To honor the Bills, only the Buffalo Bills Fans tailgates in the Wilson stadium. Other teams fans are only allowed to enter the stadium at the game time. No smoking of fancy fingers or dress up- fans are neither allowed to wear suits and ties nor smoke fancy sophisticated cigars.They usually watch the game in faded jeans and Bills shirt. Buffalo Bills fans are not allowed to complain about cold weather.They should be tough flexible and hearty sine the cold weather is in best advantage to the team.

The fans prefer grabbing a greasy burger and cans of beer to avoid feeling miserable and cold. The Buffalo Bills Crazy Fans always hold on to their best comeback in history. they also hold on to hope regardless of odds and numbers during the game. Fans should not brag about their wealth and accomplishes or spiritual enlightenment on a match because they don’t serve as an inspiration for the team.

Fans should honor Buffalo Bills founding fathers. If you criticize them, you would probably find yourself getting doused with mustard and ketchup. Fans shouldn’t steal other fans burgers. The real Buffalo Bills Football Fans usually go for two burgers consisting of chips and a pair of dips. as per rules, they do not dig others buggers without permission. Doing so makes one considered as cheap and rude.Another rule is abstaining from accusing a fellow tailgater of stealing one’s beer even with seen caught evidence it is best to remain calm since you may miss the game if you blow trouble.

Buffalo Bills Crazy Fans

Over the last seasons, Buffalo Bills Fans have been seen as very notorious for their unruly tailgates with people being spotted having sex in parking lot, fighting and stopping traffic by mooning cars. Buffalo Bills Crazy Fans also jumped on plastic tables before the final game of the year against New York Jets at the Ralph Wilson Stadium. A fan, in particular slammed into a burning table and even running around only to realize that he was on fire. Friends rescued him later on. Buffalo Bulls, however, have the most beautiful and fine female fans as well.

Times where buffalo bills fans lost their minds include:

Giving Santa a chokeslam through the table.Bulls fans were making love in plain sight. Fans were having fun with shopping carts. A fan was executing a perfect back flip. Where fans are performing standard traditions. A fan is stripping and bonding with nature. Fans are having a friendly slapping competition. A dude saw with suspicious white powder during half time. A woman is wearing a thong over her pants as a support to the team. Guys were partying too much before a game.

Buffalo Jills Fans

The Buffalo Jills are professional cheerleaders of the Buffalo Bills. They were highly enthusiastic dedicat. The members of this team has also appeared in many magazines like Maxim, The Wall Street Journal Online, Pro Football Weekly etc. The president of this team is Lori Marino, Vice President is Jena Fiorella. The cheerleaders have conquered many hearts by their superb dance performance. These beautiful and pretty girls have left many Buffalo Jills Fans broken when the team suspended the operation Jills due to an unavoidable lawsuit reason. Buffalo Bills Football Fans wants toknow what actually happened with Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders.

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