The leadership group for the Player Selection Camps maintains an open tryout process - nobody is selected for advancement prior to the camps. Players are chosen purely on their performances during the camp, which means that highly-touted players may not make the cut, while players who may be unfamiliar to the masses have an equal shot at reaching a national camp as more highly-regarded peers.

An unbiased selection process is maintained through a series of processes at each camp. Coaches are not allowed to serve as evaluators in age groups they coached this past season or the upcoming season, or if they have a relative in that age group.

The evaluation process uses a ranking system to eliminate any bias even further, as all of the evaluators assign a numerical value to each player after each game, split up by position. The best forward in a particular evaluator’s opinion gets a ‘1’ grade, the second-best gets a ‘2’ grade, the third-best gets a ‘3’ grade, the fourth-best gets a ‘4’ grade, and the rest get a ‘5’ grade. The same process is done for defensemen and goaltenders.

After the first two games at each camp, the players are sorted by rating into one master list. The evaluators use the master list to develop their own list while watching the final set of games, and then the evaluators gather for a force ranking process to determine the final player rankings. In order for a player to move up the list, a majority of the evaluators have to agree - another step to prevent a single coach with a particular agenda to advance a particular player.

“We know that these camps are important events for our promising young hockey players, and we do everything we can to give everyone a fair and equal shot during the tryout process,” Jones said. “A few years ago, I had a parent approach me after a selection camp presentation who said, 'why are we even doing this? We know the players were already picked ahead of time.’ A second parent approached me shortly thereafter and said, ‘why aren’t you just out watching games during the year and identifying the players that way?’ You can’t please everybody, but we’re doing our best to communicate how this works, and how we strive to make it fair for all of the players.”

Boys Camps

(Video) maha selection camp 2019

On the boys’ side, the camp process begins with participation in district camps. For 2022, the 2005-08 birth-year classes attend the following district camps respective to the MAHA district region they live in:

April 22-24 - East Lansing - Districts 5, 6 and Lower 7

April 29 to May 1 - Marquette - Districts 8 and Upper 7

April 27 to May 1 - Dearborn - Districts 2, 3 and 4

MAHA strives to maximize opportunities for players, not limit them; 2006 and 2007 birth-year players in Districts 5, 6 and Lower 7 who are participating in the USHL Combine on April 21-24 are invited to participate in the Dearborn district camp.

From there, players are selected to participate in state-wide camps. The players selected from the 2007 and 2008 birth-year classes attend the MAHA 14U and 15U Player Development Camps at Lake Superior State (informally referred to as the Bantam Camps).

The 2005 and 2006 birth-year classes attend the MAHA 16U and 17 Select Festivals at the Taylor Sportsplex (informally referred to as the Midget Festival).

(Video) 20220422 MAHA Select Camp Team 4 vs Team 3 5-3 Win

The 14U Player Development Camp takes place June 26 to July 1. Players selected are split into six different teams for the camp, and they stay on the campus of LSSU for the duration. The participants experience a series of games and training sessions with the Lake Superior State coaching staff, while experiencing their state-wide camp. While there is no national camp for the age group, the LSSU camp is an important experience for the players, so that they know what’s coming when spots at national camps are on the line in the coming years.

The 15U Player Development Camp takes place on June 19-24. Just like at the 14U level, the players are split into six teams and they spend the week in Sault Ste. Marie learning from the LSSU coaching staff. However, this is the first year in which they are also competing for spots to go to the national camp - the USA Hockey National 15 Player Development Camp. A select number of Michigan players will receive invitations to the National 15 camp, the players’ first taste of national exposure in front of USAH leadership. It’s also the lone national camp players will participate in before the NTDP Evaluation Camp rosters are announced the following spring. Another group of players will receive an invitation to a multi-district development camp at Bowling Green July 22-26, where they will skate with and against players from the Mid-American, Northern Plains and Atlantic Districts.

The 16U Select Festival and the 17U Select Festival happen in the same weekend, May 13-15, at the Taylor Sportsplex. Four teams are formed at each age group, and each team plays three games between Friday and Saturday. An All-Star Game takes place on Sunday before the final selections are made by the group of evaluators. Those evaluators are all NCAA Division 1 coaches - representatives from the seven Michigan schools, as well as Bowling Green.

Players selected for the National 16 Player Development Camp are competing for spots on the National Select 16 Team, which represents USA Hockey at a Five Nations Tournament each summer.

Players selected for the National 17 Player Development Camp are competing for spots on the National Select 17 Team, which represents USA Hockey at the prestigious Hlinka Gretzky Cup.

While the older age groups are competing for spots with USA teams directly, the national camps all serve as an opportunity to impress USA Hockey and its group of scouts and evaluators who have input in the roster formations of the National Team Development Program, the National U18 Team for the IIHF World Under-18 Championship, the National U20 Team for the IIHF World Juniors, and more.

Girls Camps

(Video) Kyle Keipper’s Highlights - MAHA Selection Camp All Star Game

The MAHA Girls Player Selection Camp functions in a similar capacity as the boys’ edition, but it all takes place under one roof.

The 2022 edition is at the Arctic Coliseum in Chelsea from April 29 through May 1. Tryouts are open to all 2005 through 2008 birth-year girls who live in the state of Michigan and are USA Hockey registered.

The national camps are structured slightly differently for the girls, but it’s the same premise - the oldest three age groups are competing for spots at USA Hockey’s national camps. The 2008 birth-year group will also have invitations going to selected players to participate in a multi-district girls’ development camp at Bowling Green from July 31 through August 5; that event used to take place at Kent State.

The 2007 birth-year girls are competing for spots at the USA Hockey Girls 15 Camp, which takes place July 9-14 at St. Cloud State.

The 2006 and 2005 birth-year girls are competing for spots at the Girls 16/17 Camp, a joint camp for both birth years, on June 25 through July 1 at St. Cloud State, as well.

The Girls Under-18 Select Camp is for players deemed to be the top female hockey players across all of USA Hockey, as it welcomes the 2005-07 birth years to St. Cloud State from July 15-21. From that camp, approximately 30 players receive invitations to the 2022 Under-18 National Team Festival, which serves both as a tryout for the Under-18 Select Team and as an introduction to the U.S. National Team for the elite players.

Team Michigan (high school)

(Video) Tyler White MAHA USA Hockey Development Camp April, 2021

The Team Michigan program is a collaborative effort between MAHA and high school hockey to promote the top juniors and seniors who competed in the Michigan High School Athletic Association this season.

Through a regional and state-wide tryout process, two teams are selected - one of seniors, one of juniors - to compete as Team Michigan. They represent Michigan high school hockey’s best at the NIT CCM Tournament at the end of April - a heavily-scouted showcase that offers tremendous opportunities for players looking to play beyond high school.

To be considered for Team Michigan, players must participate in one of three games held at locations across Michigan in the third week of March - Grand Rapids (March 14), Gaylord (March 15) or Livonia (March 16).

Following that tryout process, select players will be invited to attend the Team Michigan Festival the week of March 19-20 in Chelsea.

From there, players will be selected for the two Team Michigan squads. They will participate in a mini camp in Livonia April 22-24 before they depart for Minnesota.

While that is a unique opportunity only for juniors and seniors in high school, MHSAA players who are freshmen or sophomores are encouraged to participate in the MAHA Selection Camps for postseason opportunities.


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